About us

Thompson Battery Distributors opened as a division of Rick’s Marine in January 2019.

We have successfully owned and operated Rick’s Marine since 1999 and have recognized a need for a battery distributorship for Thompson and Northern Manitoba.

Thompson Battery Distributors is a wholesale distribution company servicing all types of customers and industries. We have joined a buying group that sources all types of batteries keeping Quality and Lowest Prices at the forefront. We provide excellent service with quality name brand products.

We Supply Automotive, Consumer and Industrial Batteries, related DC Power Products including Chargers & Starters. Our product line includes batteries for virtually everythingfrom powersports, cars, trucks, heavy equipment to computer backups, key fobs, fish finders, flashers, emergency lighting and all of today’s battery powered products.

Because we have progressed from modest beginnings, we understand the needs of small start-ups to those of large corporations, and we are well-equipped to serve a broad spectrum of customers. We continue to emphasize teamwork along with strong work ethics and values within our organization. Thompson Battery Distributors enhances the products and services already provided to the customer base of Rick’s Marine and ALL northern customers.

Contrary to the popular perception that Distributors & Dealerships like ours can’t offer lower pricing, we are able to offer much, much lower pricing than our big boxcompetitors . We invite you to compare for yourself.

Thompson Battery Distributors is committed to the green initiative. Not only do we offer core exchange, but we also purchase CORE$ for CA$H . Please bring your cores in to ensure batteries can continue to be responsibly recycled at the end of their useful lifeand kept out of landfills. We also accept used household batteries (No Cash Value), so they too may be recycled responsibly .

Thompson Battery Distributors, YOUR Hometown Distributor!